Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "Oligar Franciste Migrins"

Time : 2:27

Formation : Nine


-"So, are you ready for your lesson?"

An elderly female elf had just entered the room.

-"Yes Gael, I was expecting you"

-"Today we shall be working on your pronunciation. You are certainly aware that if a spell is mispronounced it may have no effect whatsoever..."

-"Or backfire on the caster" Alise hastened to add.

-" Exactly! Therefore I have prepared several amusing little spells for you to practice with. For example, do you see that candle ? If you pronounce the appropriate spell correctly you will be able to light it from a distance. I know it doesn't seem to be a very exciting trick but, used judiciously, it gives you the power to burn down an entire forest!

Now, repeat after me "Oligar Franciste Migrins"

-"Oligar Fraciste Migrin"

-"Again, pay attention "Oligar Franciste Migrins"

-"Oligar Franciste Migrin"


-"Oligar Franciste Migrins"

-"So there we are ; you really are very gifted!"

-"It's strange. Grandfather tried to do the same thing this morning."

-" I know. I saw you through the window. It's partly because of that that I showed you this particular spell. Afterwards you can help him refresh his memory. I think that he has forgotten one or two of the basic principals of magic. But I am also aware that he is capable of casting some quite remarkable spells. Now, let us continue."

And all that afternoon Alise learned and learned and learned. Her exceptional results fascinated her instructors. Soon she would outstrip her teachers. It was obvious. No one doubted it any longer. She was destined to do great things.

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