Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "I'll walking"

Time : 2:25

Formation : Eleven


Alise left the house. Effectively the deserted village offered little in the way of amusement. She headed north towards the densest part of the forest. She needed to think. The sky was still heavy, threatening at any moment to rid itself of it's burden of rain.

She stood listening for a long time to the birdsong and the sound of the wind in the leaves. Now a light drizzle was falling from the sky and she was soon drenched. Her trained eye allowed her to spot the sentinels who watched from the trees for the arrival of any potential enemies. Sitting with her back to a tree she studied one of them who was completely absorbed by the task in hand. It seemed to her that she had already seen him walking arm in arm with a young woman in the village.

Suddenly the sky darkened and, still watching the elf in his hiding place in the trees, Alise saw a look of terror flash in his eyes. An enormous shadow darkened the forest.

Between the branches she saw a shape gliding over them : A dragon was flying overhead.

Now she understood the change which had come over the young elf, even as his first bolt winged it's way towards the creature. But she herself felt strangely calm. She thought to herself that such a noble and majestic dragon could not possibly be as terrible as all that. "And besides, dragons are masters of fire" she said to herself " and therefore very interesting indeed!" She would have liked to have been able to talk to the dragon, to obtain answers to her multitude of questions. But her eyes fell again on the young elf in the tree whose bolt was aimed straight and true at the giant beast.

Suddenly she was filled with panic : he mustn't hurt the magnificent creature. And so when the second arrow left the bow she muttered a few soft words :

"Ella ventis pera flae" : " wind hit the quarrel" Thus was the bolt deflected from it's target, merely grazing the dragon's eye instead of piercing it. The dragon continued it's flight peacefully. The young elf breathed again and Alise smiled.

But now she could hear the sound of footsteps behind her. Someone was running in her direction. She hid behind a bush to see what would happen next. Effectively a rather boring discussion ensued between the young elf and the newcomer, an elf some years his senior. Alise gleaned only one useful piece of information, the young elf would be leaving on the same convoy as she was. Oh yes, and she also learned that his name was Ewyn.

But by then it was raining hard and it was really time to be getting home.



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