Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "Dear Ewyn"

Time : 1:22

Formation : Eight


Beneath a starry sky Alise made her way to the banquet which the elves had organised.

In the heart of the forest , soon they would celebrate the arrival of Spring. She sat down at the enormous table and waited, dreaming a little. Casting an eye over the guests she spotted Pantal, her grandfather. In fact he was talking to Ewyn, the young elf she had seen that afternoon, who seemed very down, though Pantal was doing his best to cheer him up.

They started towards her and her grandfather said with a smile :

-"Alise, may I present Ewyn, Ewyn , this is my granddaughter Alise.

-"Pleased to meet you" the two youngsters replied simultaneously, as Ewyn sat down next to Alise

Pantal left them to talk together. "It's true that elves are very handsome" said Alise to herself as she looked at her neighbour. But for the moment the food was arriving and the meal promised to be excellent. Intimidated, Alise scarcely opened her mouth all evening. Particularly since Ewyn seemed to know everyone there. He certainly did not look bored. He joked with his friends who frequently teased him about a certain Celene, apparently the love of his life. Alise felt alone in the midst of the crowd. Oh of course there was her grandfather, her mother and Ewyn, who spoke to her from time to time, but her real friends were far away. Ahh how she missed Ripewood! To think that many people would have paid dearly to be in her place, to be able to contemplate the wonder of the setting, to converse with such refined creatures as the elves, to admire their beauty... But Alise was young, she wanted to live, to explore new horizons, to feel the breath of dragons. Now Ewyn was laughing with his friends and she felt alone, alone, alone.

As soon as she could, Alise went home to bed. She concentrated on falling asleep as fast as possible so that the time would pass more quickly. She wanted to leave this place ; To go back to her village, to be with her friends, less beautiful than the elves, certainly, but in their imperfection more touching, more fragile, more reassuring.

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