Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "A wandering spirit"

Time : 2:55

Formation : Ten


Another boring day stretched out before Alise. For the moment she was heading towards the tree where Ewyn was mounting the guard. When she reached it she sat down and watched the young elf, not daring to bother him.

Half dreaming, she replayed in her mind the route from Ripewood to the forest, which she knew by heart. Even if she said nothing to young Ewyn, his presence high in the tree reassured her. She felt a strange sensation each time she came in contact with him, like a wave of sweetness and warmth flowing over her. Her half elven instincts made her more sensitive to such spiritual emanations. Already she accepted the fact that their destinies were somehow linked, that the two of them would come together some day to either do battle with, or create, something or someone.

And so the day passed, full of hopes and dreams. When night fell Alise went home and straight to bed. She felt that the next day would be a good day indeed.

Quickly Alise ran out into the clearing and started looking for Ewyn.. She saw in him a potential friend in the elven realm. Going from cart to cart, she got jostled and annoyed but saw no sign of Ewyn. She knew she would never manage to find him like that. She started to ask the other people on the convoy if they knew where he was but her command of the elven language was far from perfect and the answers she received only made matters worse.

She decided to try a different approach. She sat down at the foot of a tree some twenty metres from the convoy, closed her eyes and concentrated on her amulet.

A strange sensation filled her. The tingling which she felt in her fingertips seemed familiar. She thought hard about Ewyn and the feeling which she had felt the previous day came to mind. They were already drawn together by a powerful force . Straight away she knew which cart the young elf was on. She hurried to it and sat down at his side. Very soon they were plunged into friendly conversation and spent the whole day in lively discussion.

When the convoy reached Ripewood, Alise said to herself that, just for once, the journey had been too short. So when the cart passed under the banner marked :

"People, Welcome to Ripewood for the Annual Spring Festival"

she leaned a little closer to Ewyn. Without a doubt because she saw in him a replacement for the brother she had known for such a short time.




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