Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "Ewyn's heart"

Time : 2:55

Formation : Five

As she got down from the cart which had brought them to Ripewood, Alise gave Ewyn a fierce hug, then went to meet her human friends who were waiting for her along with Pantal. They had lots of questions for her, curious as they were about the elven way of life. For their part they described to her the great procession which had marked the opening of the Festival. But it was getting late and Alise had just time for a little walk before returning to her house. Pantal followed her :

-"Alise, you know that I had to leave the Ripewood forest suddenly. I think that something strange is happening up there on the Crystal Mountain. It seems to me that you probably saw the mighty dragon Defnael flying over the region..."

-"Yes grandfather it was marvellous"

- "When I got here I was able to prove that my fears were entirely justified. You see this year, as always, there was the great procession in which all of the different races living in the region take part."

-"Yes I know."

- "It so happens that up until now, each tribe has always been present at this great assembly. Well this year the people of the Crystal Mountain have not turned up. The dwarves are very worried. On top of all that, now Defnael has returned. Dragons are terrifying creatures and it never bodes well to have one on your territory. However this particular dragon has come to an arrangement with the dwarves who have forbidden it to attack us. Doubtless it's for that reason that we are all safe and sound."

-"So why are you worried ?"

-"Let me finish Alise it's very important... Good king Helmut of Moonless Hollow has sent a famous warrior, descended from the illustrious family of the St Turners, to pay a visit to the clan of the Crystal Mountain. So far nothing more has been heard of him. This Kettleturner by name, is not a dwarf who can be easily turned aside from his mission. Furthermore in battle, as anyone who has ever seen him fight can testify, he never gives up. He is as strong as a barbarian, as cunning as a Drow and as brave and stubborn as only a dwarf can be. In short he would rather die than let his people down. But the most worrying thing is that Defnael the dragon is heading in the same direction as Kettleturner. Now you know why the dwarves are so worried."

-"Ah but the dwarves are always worried and besides..."

-"Oh yes besides I haven't told you the most important part : yesterday I cast the Vision Mists. You know I don't use that spell very often as I risk my very life each time I cast it."

-"And what did it reveal?"

-"I was able to see that your actions and your abilities will play a pivotal role in the survival of our realm. That is what I had to tell you!"

-"The Vision Mists can sometimes be wrong".

-"Yes, sometimes, but if I have accompanied you tonight it is because I am extremely worried about your future. You must study even harder. As you also know, the Spring Festival attracts a great many people and my friend Beautras who runs the Magicians Armoury in the town square has told me that, at present , he has in his possession some very valuable objects which would no doubt be of great use to you. I think that a gift would probably motivate and protect you better than my advice!"

-"Oh thank you Grandfather"

Alise flung herself on her grandfather which caused him momentarily to lose his balance but his cane kept him upright. He smiled, seeing his granddaughter's eyes sparkling in the darkness. At the other side of the square a lantern threw a faint light on a shop front. The Magicians Armoury was still open : Alise hurried towards it.




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