Composer : Didier Merlateau

Arranger : Oscar-Go

Title : "Manuscript"

Time : 3:00

Formation : Eight

Ewyn woke up early that day. He wanted to see the convoy leave for Ripewood. He knew that he would not see Celene, his beloved, for three long days. He got up quickly, snatched up several pieces of fruit and hurried to the assembly point for the great departure.

The elves rarely left their forest and the annual Spring festival was a big event. Moreover Elves were seen as a shining example to the other races. Those who were leaving had to be worthy ambassadors of their people.

Celene was in the middle of the assembly. Some five hundred men and women were talking together and getting ready for the departure. The carts were filled almost to overflowing with supplies, clothes and presents. In about half an hour there would be twice as many people present. Ewyn moved closer. He put his hand on Celene’s shoulder :

-"I'm going to miss you during these three days"

-I'll miss you too, Ewyn, take care of yourself and watch over our village. I will wait for you at Ripewood. Don't worry about me"

Suddenly a great silence surprised the two lovebirds : Pegael and Aearel (the leader of the elves and his companion) made their entrance. There followed a speech full of advice and recommendations which left no one unmoved. Then, in ringing tones, Pegeal gave the order for the great convoy (now 1000 strong) to begin it's journey. Ewyn and Celene had just the time for one last kiss , then , accompanied by the encouragement and the cheers of the crowd and the numerous children, the 1000 representatives of the elven people left the village.

Suddenly Ewyn felt very alone. With leaden feet he made his way towards the armoury. He entered and took down a crossbow. He liked the weapon very much. He left the village and went out to the firing range. His instructor was waiting for him.

-"Good morning my boy. Sleep well?"

-"Not very well, no. I would so like to have been leaving for the festival"

-"In three days it will be your turn. For the moment, you will take your post up in that tree and survey the north. You must keep all your senses alert and not let your attention falter. The survival of our village depends, in part, on you. As for me, you know that I don't like it when certain persons are far from us. If we were to be attacked now we would find our defences weakened. So keep your eyes wide open! I'll come by to keep you company every two hours. Ok?"

Ewyn went towards the tree in question, climbed up and sat down on the small platform which had been placed there for that purpose. From here he overlooked all the forest. There was a slight wind but he was warmly dressed. Finally he managed to relax and let his mind wander.

Time past quickly and two hours later Samyth climbed up to his side :

-"Well, anything to report?

-"No, just the leaves moving and the rain which will start falling soon"

-"You're under cover here, don't worry. I've brought you something to eat for you'll be here till nightfall and tomorrow you'll be back at daybreak"

-"I understand... grumbled Ewyn.

-"Good, see you in two hours!"

Ewyn lost himself once again in his thoughts. He tried to recognise the birds which were singing all around him. Next, he counted how long it took for certain clouds to get to him. After that he amused himself by aiming his crossbow at the branches of the trees or small animals. But deep in his heart he was already missing Celene and dreamt of the busy, muddy streets of Ripewood. What beautiful countryside was Celene travelling through at this very moment? Soon she would be leaving the forest and entering the plains. Those plains upon which he had never walked.


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