The slow steady beating of wings punctuated the dragon's silent flight. The regular breathing of the dwarf perched on his back reassured the enormous reptile who, for the moment said nothing. He was content to finally have at his side this small creature, so full of life and so entertaining. However he knew it could not last, soon they would have to part. But Defnael, whose patience was legendary, rejoiced in his fate. A great adventure lay ahead of him and his new found friend.

A strong smell of humans suddenly assailed his nostrils. He was approaching Ripewood. The dragon stretched out his great wings and glided down to the ground. The two companions found themselves some two miles from the first of the towns habitations. Kettleturner would soon be reunited with his king as he desired. Defnael heard his clawed feet make contact with the soil :

-"Here we are , Kettleturner; You have arrived at your destination just as I promised".

-"Hump! And not before time! I was beginning to rust up there".

The dwarf jumped down and began to work the stiffness out of his limbs.

-"OK Well I mustn't hang around. If your offer still holds, meet me here in two days from now at the same hour. If all goes well I will be here, if not I'll leave you a message on the side of that rock shaped like an anvil".

-"Very well, my friend, I will be here".

-"Goodbye then" called the dwarf as he hurried off into the darkness.

Defnael waited several minutes until his new companion's footsteps died away, then he stretched and threw himself skywards once again. He rose high into the sky, then turned towards the north west where he had the right to hunt. His stomach pained him, he needed nourishment.

With a carefree heart he left the region of Ripewood as the first rays of the new day's sun reached the valley.


Defnael (chapter 6)


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