Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "A silhouette"

Time : 2:48

Formation : six


At the sight of Kettleburner, Defnael felt the strange sensation surge in him, even stronger than on the preceding days.

Still hidden in his mound of snow, he dug a small hole, just big enough to let him keep the small creature in his field of vision.

Kettleburner suspected nothing. "Dwarves are so unobservant" Defnael said to himself " that if I don't show myself we shall never make contact". Now Kettleburner was nonchalantly approaching the snow drift where Defnael lay hidden. The cold was making the dragon sleepy again. Time seemed to drag.

Suddenly, the dwarf flung himself at the dragon, yelling and brandishing his axe. Defnael freed himself from his hiding place and started to incant

-"Figeam materio..."

Kettleburner stopped dead in his tracks, paralysed in an instant. The dragon sniffed at the sickening odour of the dwarf, all the while examining him closely. He moved his enormous head towards the orifice which he presumed to be the mouth of the little being.

" What a strange little thing" he thought "so very vulnerable" He whispered softly.

-"Well, little fool, did you think you could scare off the dragon with your wild cries? Kettleburner, Kettleburner, the thought of you torments me. And so I have come to get to the bottom of this mystery. You are weak and dull and yet I feel affection towards you. Therefore I will let you live if you will free me from this strange sensation which overwhelms me. I am Defnael, whose path crossed yours many years ago. That chance meeting awakened in me a new sensation which has been eating away at me ever since. Naturally I could solve the problem by killing you, but effectively this debilitating emotion has given rise to a dilemma... I desire to have you at my side while , at the same time, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to forget all about your miserable existence. Who are you to tell a dragon how he should or should not behave? I would have preferred never to have met you! But now we shall never part till your death... or mine. There, that is my offer! What do you think of it?"

Defnael broke the charm which held Kettleburner under it's sway and listened attentively to his reply

-"Firstly Mr Dragon, my name is Kettleturner, for the two illustrious families from whom I am descended : the Kettles and the Turners, and I would be much obliged if from now on you would stop mangling it! Secondly, your magic tricks don't impress me in the least. I have elven friends who are far more talented than you. And lastly, at least for now, I need a little time to think since I have other things on my mind at present. It seems to me that you have not thought through the implications of your proposal"

And with these words Kettleturner walked slowly away from the dragon and went to sit down with his back against a tree muttering and grumbling to himself all the while.

The dragon contented himself with calling after him :

-"Very well, I am in no hurry"...which only seemed to annoy the dwarf even more!

For his part, the dragon sat down and watched Kettleturner with a smile ; watching the dwarf talking to himself and throwing stones at a nearby tree amused him greatly. He was very pleased with himself. Soon they would be inseparable.



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