Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "Village's gard"

Time : 1:35

Formation : Eight

Ripewood forest seen from Moonless Hollow


-Not like that Ewyn, if you want to hit your target, you must adjust your aim, feel the earth beneath your feet. Feel the life in your arms and remain level headed. Look at me, right arm straight, the bow is held solely by the tension of the bowstring, my hand is only there as a buffer. You do a quarter turn, the thumb of your right hand must touch your chin...

-"I know all that" raged Ewyn "Its just that I can't bring myself to shoot at something which is alive and beautiful. How can you kill a deer or a bird in cold blood? I just can't bring myself to do it!"

-"In that case, you have very little chance of being of some use to your people in the future. Now concentrate and try a little harder if you will"

-"I don't want to kill. We are in no danger at the moment and I don't see why we should practice on living targets. On top of all that all the others are getting ready to leave for the Spring festival at Ripewood and I have to stay here and work! Great!

-"Unfortunately it's up to you to guard the village while we're away and it's a big responsibility for a boy your age. In any case I'd like to remind you that you'll be relieved of duty in two days, and you can then join us at the festival."

-"But I'll miss the opening ceremony, it's the best bit."

" Duty is duty. You know very well that before he can take part in the spring festival every adolescent must serve the elven people."

-" I know but I don't have to like it! Oh all right, I'm going to meet Celene to see how she's getting on with her preparations."

Ewyn ran off quickly lest Samyth, his master at arms, should call him back. The young man had just turned sixteen ( the age of manhood for an elf) and could therefore leave his village for the first time to take part in the Spring festival. The thought of this filled him with joy. He had only a few days left to wait before the festivities. His eagerness lent him wings. Finally he would be able to see lots of dwarven warriors, humans and maybe even, if he was lucky, hobbits and other creatures he couldn't even begin to imagine. But what pleased him above all else was the idea of walking amongst all those people hand in hand with Celene his fiancée. He loved her with all his heart and the feeling was mutual. They had sworn to marry and soon they would do so.

Young Ewyn arrived at Celene's house. Without a doubt she would be getting ready or checking that she hadn't forgotten anything she needed for the journey, which she was looking forward to as much as Ewyn himself. He climbed the tree and knocked at the door. Celene came to let him in and flung herself into his waiting arms.

-"Oh Ewyn how I long to be there. Say you'll join me soon. Promise"

-"I can't wait for that moment"

Celene's mother gazed affectionately on the two adolescents. It seemed to her they had always been together. She loved Ewyn like her own son. Oh of course she was worried. She was less than enchanted by the prospect of not seeing the two children for a fortnight ; but they were so looking forward to it... She kissed Ewyn.

-I'm leaving tomorrow you know" cried Celene;" There's a days travel and them I'll be lodging with the other representatives of our people. I'm to be in the parade. Oh mother , is it true there will be hobbits there ? I'd so like to see them."

-"I don't know daughter, but for now finish your packing before you go out. You must be a worthy representative of our people during these festivities, for we elves must be the most elegant people there, it's part of the tradition."

-" There, I'm packed. I'm going out with Ewyn. Afterwards we won't be able to see each other for days"

" Off you go children"

They went out and headed for the river. The blue sky and the fading light made their outlines hazy. One would have said two shadows moving silently between heaven and earth. They clung together in a long goodbye kiss. The next three days would be endless for them.



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