Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "Atmosphere"

Time : 2:08

Formation : Eight

A pleasant warmth enveloped Defnael. Spring had entered his lair. He slowly opened one eye and then the other, lifted his enormous head and stretched. His mind was still full of his dream of the dwarves, elves and humans who lived in the county of Ripewood. Could it be true that he felt compassion for someone other than himself ? He had to get to the bottom of this mystery. The heat was already beginning to excite him. He got up , still half dreaming ; Yes , now he had decided. He would travel to Ripewood this Summer to seek out the strange little creature and resolve this problem. Maybe, when he came face to face with him he would have only one desire ; to eat him, as he had all the others. But then again, he would only know that when they met. Defnael was troubled by the strange emotion which the memory of the dwarf aroused in him. In fact, though he would not admit it even to himself, he would have liked to have had a friend. Someone like Syriel whom he had not seen in so long. The huge female dragon had spread terror over almost half the continent. She had been beautiful and proud and their passionate union had resulted in the birth of Fishbon, his son , whom he had not heard from for many years. But all that was in the past. After the death of his mate Defnael had slept for two years, but now he felt strong again and ready to face the future. Yes, he would seek out Kettleburner this Summer no matter how long it took.

With a sweep of his tail he pushed his treasure ( a mountain of gold coins, diamonds and rare objects), deep within his lair. Then, slowly, he started towards the entrance . He sniffed the fresh air and blinked at the bright daylight. His eyes burned and, to chase the vestiges of sleep, he belched forth flames which further heated the surrounding air.

He pushed into place the enormous rock which sealed his cave, ran a little and threw himself from the cliffs. Then he unfurled his great wings and rose into the air. He wanted to reach the sun , to have it's heat drive the last of the cold from his bones. From below, his flight cast a terrifying shadow over the land. Defnael's only desire was to live peacefully. He scrutinised the ground below him, everywhere there were forests and plains, rich and fertile. He felt the cool wind caress his scales.

He breathed long and deep, filling his lungs with the fresh fragrant air. His head began to spin. His primary concern was to find food. His stomach pained him.

Suddenly he saw a little village. He swooped down on it bringing death and destruction in his wake. It was to be his first meal of the year. In less than ten minutes the village was in flames, the screaming inhabitants unable to comprehend the disaster which had befallen them. Of course they threw stones, berated the dragon, prayed, begged even, but to no avail. Defnael devoured every one, while all around him was fire and desolation. Nothing mattered to him in his terrible hunger. He smashed the skulls of children against the harsh rocks the better to savour their brains. He felt loathsome and sullied but still he had to feed. Suddenly he took less pleasure in the memories of his epic battles when he had crushed his enemies by the hundred. Deep within him there began to germinate something which no other dragon before him had ever experienced : he started to feel sorry for his victims.

This new sentiment which had taken root in him risked to cause him immense problems in the future. As soon as he had digested his meal he would seek out Kettleburner in Ripewood. Maybe the little creature could help him find a solution to this disturbing dilemma . For the moment however he was sleepy, his exertions had tired him. Far to the south a dwarf had once changed Defnael's life ; now the dragon was about to change...


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