Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "The flying over"

Time : 2:36

Formation : Six


Now the sun was beating down on Defnael's huge scales :

Drawing by Ferber


He got up hastily ( for a dragon) gave one last swallow and took flight towards the south. He flew for many hours, noticing here and there, villages (where the people watched him pass, wide eyed with terror) forests, plains and mountains, but nothing diverted him from his quest. He was stubborn and Kettle burners name blazed in his mind.

He would reach Ripewood before nightfall.

At dusk he came upon a vast forested region surrounded by mountains, surely the forest of Ripewood where the elves lived. He was annoyed that his hunger had forced him to eat before arriving at this spot, for elf had always been his favourite food. He flew low to see if there were not one or two of them within easy reach. Effectively he soon spotted a village built, elven fashion, in the trees, but it seemed strangely deserted. He glided lower to get a better view. Suddenly an crossbow bolt, coming seemingly out of nowhere, bounced off his thick hide, reminding him that he had long ago taken an oath not to feed on the inhabitants of Ripewood.

-"Ah that blasted Kettleburner, forcing me to go against my nature" the dragon grumbled to himself : " I should never have sided with those pitiful dwarves who pollute the region".

A second bolt grazed his eye, causing him a moment of concern. He regained altitude and continued his flight southwards. Ever southwards. Soon a vast plain was laid out beneath him. And suddenly he realised why the elven village had been so empty. An impressive convoy of the elven beings was making it's way towards the human village.

Defnael flew over these villages and finally his eyes beheld the Great Crystal Mountain, the dwarven fiefdom where the source of all his problems, Kettleburner, lived.

He glided down gently, all his senses alert, almost grazing the ground. On his left he could see signs of recent combat. He followed them. Suddenly a sickening odour assaulted his sensitive nostrils. It came from an enormous hole, filled with the rotting remains of many disembowelled trolls. His nose guided him to the east and there he came upon the fresh trail left by a living creature, apparently a dwarf. But these tracks disappeared into the mountain.

Defnael hesitated for a moment, then , with a sigh, he started out towards the dratted mountain. He was almost sure that he had recognised Kettleburner's scent on that trail.

Now he was flying over a pine forest, meticulously taking in every detail. Further up he saw a halo of light. He headed towards this curious phenomenon.

It was fortunate for him that dragon magic provides a powerful means of protection, for suddenly Defnael felt a wave of drowsiness flow over him.

"Dwarves aren't magic users" he mused " So who cast that spell?"

Far away he saw a small figure disappear into the mountain, grumbling to itself as it went. Defnael went closer, but the spells slowed his progress down considerably. Now he could see a multitude of tracks all converging on the mouth of the cave. He could go no further, held back by the power of the spell which protected the opening. But the figure which he had just seen, wasn't it Kettleburner himself ? Defnael, whose senses were rarely wrong, was sure of it. To have been so close and to have let him get away!

"How infuriating!"

The dragon sat down and thought long and hard :

"If he went in, then sooner or later he will have to come out. Unless there is another entrance. Furthermore, poor old Kettleburner is so stupid he's bound to walk straight into the lions den. The spell on the cave is probably the work of demons. In any case it is much stronger than my magic. So I shall just have to wait here.

(What Defnael did not know was that, since dwarves are almost totally insensible to magic, Kettleburner, if indeed it was he, was blissfully unaware of the spells existence.)

Resigned to his long wait, Defnael lay down for the night while the distant sun disappeared behind a thick shroud of mist.



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