Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "The cold burn"

Time : 1:13

Formation : Nine

Defnael passed an agreeable night on the mountain. He dreamed of young Kettleburner and his desire to ride on his back. Then his dream took him to the elven lands in the forest of Ripewood, where he conversed for a long time with the inhabitants. He also played , as he had in his distant childhood, in the middle of a shining , sparkling lake.

Finally he awakened. Day had come but the temperature had fallen dramatically. His legs heavy and laden from the cold, he decided to search the cliff face for an eventual secret exit from the cave. The grey sky announced the coming of snow but Defnael did not lose heart. He walked slowly, exploring every inch of his surroundings.

Apparently no such secret passage existed. With nothing better to do Defnael returned to his previous nights resting place and lay down as on the ground as the first snowflakes started to fall.

Dragons are powerless to resist the cold. It forces them to sleep. And so Defnael closed his eyes.


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