Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "When Ewyn meet Alise"

Time : 3:30

Formation : Nine



After taking a shower in the waterfall near to the village, Ewyn walked quietly towards the clearing where the Spring banquet was to take place. He wondered what business a dragon could have in Ripewood?

On the way he met Pantal and decided to accompany him to the feast. The old human magician intrigued him. He had memories of one conversation and several furtive encounters that led him to believe that the man could be good company.

-"Well, Pantal, still here with us?"

-"Don't worry my lad, I'm leaving with little Alise in two days time for the Spring festival"

-"Oh, in that case we'll be travelling together."

-" Glad to hear it. Have you already taken part in a Spring festival Ewyn ?"

-"Sadly, no, but I'm really looking forward to it."

-"It's great fun , you'll see. So why are you stuck here, Guard duty?"

-" Yes and a good job we did have guards posted, today I got the fright of my life...

-"The dragon" Pantal interjected. I felt it coming. You know , magically... I recognised his aura, it's Defnael, the ancients knew of him, he has already been in these parts. Some story concerning the dwarves if I'm not mistaken. I hope that nothing bad will come of his return."

Night had fallen and the two men found themselves in the middle of the clearing. Pantal spotted Alise and introduced her to Ewyn. Then he left surreptitiously for goodness knows where. It was one of his specialities. You would be talking with him then turn around and he would be gone.

Ewyn sat down, he had already seen Alise. He was sure that she would grow into a great beauty. Suddenly, she reminded him of Celene. But the young elf was soon surrounded by his friends and relatives and never really got the time to get to know her. The evening flew by and when he left to go to bed he realised that he had not seen the young girl for a considerable time.

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