Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "One day"

Time : 3:37

Formation : Seven


High in the tree, Ewyn was watching the wind blowing through the trees as he had on the previous day : he was bored. At his age, one wants to be on the move not stay still. The day was passing far to slowly for his liking. His thoughts turned to Alise. Now he would have liked to talk with her, to ask her questions about the festivities at Ripewood and her human vision of the world. But he felt alone there on the branch, so very alone...


Tomorrow he would leave to rejoin Celene and suddenly the thought crossed his mind that the great dragon he had seen the previous day might have attacked Ripewood after having flown over the forest. His heart beat faster. What if something had happened to his beloved? No, a messenger would surely have brought word to the elves.

That day nothing happened. The day seemed endless but when his guard duty finished he rushed home, locked the door and packed his bags for the great departure.

He remembered to pack certain gifts he had bought as well as his hold all containing everything he considered to be indispensable for his survival :

A whistle with which he could imitate many birds and even some mammals.

A rope 20 metres long but which folded up no bigger than his fist.

A pen knife ( 122 blades, files , saws, needles etc) the size of his hand.

His clothes made of "vegetaire" a material which was so warm and so resistant that it seemed almost alive.

And last but not least, his amulet which protected him from evil spells in a two meter radius. But then he never took that off.

Finally, he ate rapidly, went to bed, closed his eyes and let his thoughts wander to those far off lands that he was so eager to discover. He fell asleep quickly with his hat still on his head firmly planted between his pointed ears.

When Ewyn arrived in the clearing, everyone was agitated, milling around the carts which made up the convoy. Impatience to be on the road to Ripewood and worry about the days journey did not tend to promote calm. Children ran everywhere, mothers yelled ( very prettily) and husbands kissed their wives. Ewyn took his place in one of the carts next to an old woman. She seemed lost in her thoughts and Ewyn didn't want to disturb her. He closed his eyes and began to daydream. After a moment the cart jerked forward. It was time to go He felt someone's presence at his right hand , pressed close against him. He heard a small voice say :

-"Hello Ewyn"

The elf quickly opened his eyes and discovered little Alise all wrapped up in a green overcoat.

-"Hello, did you sleep well?"

-"Yes thank you. May I sit here beside you, I don't know anyone else. I think grandfather left yesterday."

-" Of course. Like that we'll finally have time to talk.

The long line of carts left the forest and the vast green prairies lay spread out before the young elf's eyes. Riders passed back and forth checking that everything was all right with the convoy. At that hour of the day the sun was already warming the passengers. A sweet melody drifted out from one of the carts and soon everyone was singing an ode in celebration of nature :

"Oh sweet rebirth of Spring

My heart is cold, as cold as stone

But now your warmth shall bring

Fresh new delights to call my own"


Ewyn laughed with Alise, they enjoyed each others company : she described the festivals she had attended : he told her of his long days spent in training with his bow or learning how to survive in the forest... At about 11 o'clock, they ate some fruit and grains ( made into a kind of soft paste which they called brownies) For an hour afterwards, they watched the scenery. The stony road wound it's way through green hills. Many wild fruit trees grew in the region. Also, early in the afternoon, they halted. Everyone rushed to replenish their provisions and stretch their legs. With full stomachs and high spirits, the convoy started off again in the afternoon sun.

Far off in the mountains one could see a thick layer of cloud. Without a doubt the last snowfall of the year. By late afternoon Ewyn and Alise were firm friends and Ripewood was only several hours away. Already they were passing members of the other races (humans for the most part) who were also making their way towards the Spring Festival. However, looking closely, Ewyn spotted two dwarves walking by the side of the road : the convoy quickly overtook them . Far off could be seen the first of the habitations which made up the town of Ripewood and quickly the road became clogged, forcing the carts to slow down. A large banner dominated the avenue :



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