Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "The magnitude of sky"

Time : 3:35

Formation : Thirteen

Finally Ewyn discovered the town of Ripewood. All around him the crowd welcomed the new arrivals. Soon he found his friends and, with them, his beloved waiting for him. His heart beat faster when he saw her. Celene smiled and took him in her arms.

-"I have missed you so much these last three days."

Ewyn grabbed his beloved's hand and drew her aside into a calmer spot. They sat down side by side on the edge of a bridge overlooking the river. Celene held him close. In the encroaching darkness the two lovers embraced. Ewyn bombarded his true love with questions which she was delighted to answer : her arrival in the town, where she was lodged, the beauty of the voyage, and what she had been up to in Ripewood. With wide eyes Ewyn drank in her sweet words. Soon he took her hand and looked around. Never in his life had he seen so many people. At this hour of the day the streets were busy and Ewyn smiled with happiness and anticipation. He was going to have such fun! In the middle of the bridge people were gathering around a storyteller, while further along a juggler was throwing balls of swirling fire in the air

-"Come on Celene, lets go and get the man to tell us a story."

They jumped down from the wall, still hand in hand and approached the little group of attentive people who surrounded the storyteller. In the centre of the circle the man was speaking :

-"Suddenly clouds darkened the sky, Dragon and magicians united to combat the forces of evil. The War of the Seven Hills had begun... But these are things which you all know already, they are part of our history, and so I will tell another tale.

By now there was a dense crowd around the old man. The children , fascinated by the black dressed storyteller, watched the odd person, their eyes shining strangely. Suddenly he noticed the two sweethearts.

-"So my lovebirds, what story would you like to hear, I can tell of the past, invent marvels and mysteries or predict your future, which do you choose?"

Celene clung to Ewyn, the man scared her.

-"I have just arrived and am unfamiliar with your customs" replied Ewyn intimidated.

-"You are a young elf and your lady is very beautiful. Soon your people will be called upon to act if our world is to be saved from an evil far worse than those unpleasant creatures which haunt our valleys. Perhaps you will have an important part to play ?"

-"But what evil do you speak of ?" asked Ewyn . And everyone around muttered worriedly as they waited for his answer.

-"One of the forces which controls the Universe, one of the three pillars of our world is breaking; And I tell you my friends , soon the danger will be at all your doors...

The old man got up slowly, changing as he rose. It was as if he no longer controlled the words which spilled out of him. Now he seemed immense, indestructible and translucent.

The terrified crowd fell silent. All waited for him to speak. The man lifted a finger towards the sky and cried :

-"Lo, do you feel the wind of life caress you like an earthly wind?

You know the glory of the sky, the heights of the mountains.

You know the beauty of love, the strength of friendship.

You know the warmth of the sun, comfort and tenderness.

You know music sweeter than caresses.

You know also the cold of the mountaintops, the pain of beatings, the hardship of labour, the horror of death."

The little group of people seemed frozen round the storyteller. The words he spoke conjured up images which shook them to their very souls. Only the stranger's voice pierced the silence. He continued :

-"Yes my friends, you know all that, but still your sentiments are dependant on your sensations. They provide your only link with reality, with your reality. You live through your sensations and you never doubt them. Today, I tell you that something will occur which will change the very way you look at things... But I am only a storyteller so you alone must decide on the gravity of the situation. There are in the depths of the earth infernal creatures ; Dragon's whose breath can melt stone, Drows whose daggers are more unpredictable than the direction of the wind. All that you already know. Still, the danger they represent has never menaced the existence of every living being as does the danger which will come. I can give you no more than this simple piece of advice : friendship and love must be in your hearts. Work together above all else. Only unity can save the world from this impending danger. All races must take part in the same great quest : FIND THE THREAD OF TIME.

Suddenly the old man picked up his things, pushed his way through the crowd and vanished into the dark streets. Stunned the crowd stood rooted to the spot. Ewyn turned to Celene :

-"Well, I would have preferred a more cheerful start to my holiday"

-"Let's go" Celene replied. "We should never have listened to him.

Ewyn gave her a hug and they slowly walked to their lodgings. As they walked they began to talk again. They encountered a small group of hobbits engaged in joyous conversation, to Ewyn's great delight. By the time they had reached the inn where they were staying they had forgotten all about the evenings strange events. The two beds in their room were soon pushed close together and, when finally they lay down, it seemed that there was only one.




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