Composer : Didier Merlateau

Title : "Manuscript"

Time : 1:45

Formation : Thirteen

Suddenly he was very worried. He asked himself if he shouldn't leave this place as quickly as possible. His own monarch, King Helmur, who had dispatched him on this mission, had to be informed at all cost. But a dwarf always finishes what he has started. And so our dwarf took the envelope and examined it closely. Underneath he found a document which he quickly read :

"The King's prescription :

- One bottle every hour

Blacksmiths :

- One bottle every two hours

Miners :

- One bottle every three hours

Those working towards our departure :

- One mouthful each time they feel themselves slowing down.

Warning : only give this medicine to dwarves or elves. All other creatures drink at their own risk.

Signed : Esmur, brother of Helmur and physician."

Kettleturner could not bite back an exclamation :

-"Helmur has a brother!" He turned towards the few remaining bottles ( nine in all) and drank the contents of the one he had previously opened.

His arm moved slowly as he raised the bottle to his lips. He felt it's coldness and it's bitter taste flood his throat, descend into his stomach and rapidly a strange warmth rose to his face; his heart beat faster, his vision blurred , a loud drumming assailed his eardrums. He took a deep breath and his senses cleared.

Thereafter his gestures quickened, his movements speeded up to their normal rate, as they had been before the spell had struck. Swiftly he opened the letter he still held in his hand and read :

"Tribar, king of the Crystal Mountain,

Today we have taken the decision to leave the Crystal Mountain and seek out another mine. Even as I write, my brave subjects are working valiantly to prepare for our departure.

A powerful spell has fallen upon us : the chance discovery of the Rose of Time has thrown us into deep confusion. Little by little the mines output has dried up, my men and myself have become time's playthings. Each and every action has become painful and dangerous. My people are too slow to be able to adapt to their new state. Furthermore an equally terrible event has come to pass : quite simply the disappearance of the ancient relic which links us with the elven people. The Crystal Tooth has been stolen from us. Too slow to catch the thief we were forced to resign ourselves to the loss of it's spells of protection. I lost authority over my people, confidence and trust between my subjects turned to discontent. Fear reigned in my realm.

Thankfully , an elven ambassador came to visit us. He reconciled everyone with his powerful spells, but could not undo the damage we had caused by our discovery of the Rose of Time.

Our only comfort lies in the fact that by accepting our own exile we are protecting the rest of our race. I hope that the rest of the Crystal Mountains will be spared our fate. It is in order to ensure this that all contact must be broken off between Moonless Hollow, High Centre and we who must depart. Now our only hope lies in the discovery of the Rose of Night, which may have the power to undo this evil spell which lies upon us. Furthermore we must find the Crystal Tooth, the link between the forces which control our Universe.

Therefore to you who read these lines, I will not reveal our destination, not knowing who you might be. Still if you were to go east you might just find us. Today we leave, hoping by this action to buy ourselves some time in the face of our encroaching doom.

What an error to seek to control time.

Tribar ( deposed king of an exiled people)".

Kettleturner cleared his throat, grabbed the eight remaining bottles that lay scattered on the table and stuffed them into his bag. He was done with exploring. He hurriedly left the area gathering up as he went some warm clothes to protect him against the cold of the mountain. He ran through the long corridors as time raced to overtake him and only stopped, out of breath when he reached the entrance of the Crystal Mountain.

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