Composer : Oscar-Go

Title : "Dance of snow"

Time : 2:40

Formation : Ten


Now Defnael slept soundly. The snow fell thickly and began to cover him with a white blanket. He continued dreaming, giving free rein to his highly developed dragon's imagination. At that precise moment he saw himself flying over the mountains, caught in a terrible storm. There was no place in sight in which he might seek refuge. He was cold and hungry. Suddenly a sort of chamois appeared. Defnael swept down on it, ready to tear it apart. The firm, salty flesh, the taste of blood in his mouth, revived him. He chewed the warm meat, savouring it when a small creature burst out of a hole beneath the snow to remind him that he had vowed not to harm any creature living in the region. Defnael lost his temper and belched out an enormous spurt of flame which engulfed the little creature, grilling it where it stood.

Now Defnael was filled with remorse. What had he done? His sadness awakened him. He had slept for two nights and a day. He realised he was covered with snow.

All that could be seen of him was a faint trail of smoke coming from his nostrils. He looked like nothing more than a bank of smoking snow. He listened hard and distinguished the sound of footsteps coming from the tunnel which led into the cavern. Could it be that little Kettleburner was finally coming to him?

The aftermath of his dream produced a sense of panic in the dragon at the thought of this meeting. How would he react? Above all he had to remain calm, to concentrate on this fledgling emotion he harboured inside. His friend was coming to meet him! Without a doubt his only friend! If he let him live... A new sensation took hold of him. He wanted to laugh. Suddenly he felt happy and eager for the long awaited reunion. But the sound of the footsteps slowed and now the dragon began to worry. He thought that the old elven dictum was correct "A friend can cause much torment".

Thinking of anything else but himself was a new experience for the dragon, but worrying about a dwarf seemed the height of ridicule. He grinned widely when finally a silhouette took form in the centre of the tunnel entrance some twenty metres from where he lay. A small, distracted, hairy biped burst from the darkness and into the life of the dragon... Kettleburner was there!






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